Review on Wacom CTL 471 6"

Why I write about Wacom CTL 471/K0-Cx Tablet (6 inch), Black? It is nothing else because of I have it one. It just about 3 weeks age. Actually I don't have any idea why I purchase this tablet. Its just started to interest then try to get more information about it then after satisfied directly to find it out in online shop and the last is click buy, pay, and wait. After few days...the lovely tablet Wacom CTL 471/K0-Cx Tablet (6 inch), Black reach to my address. Now I am using it to do many thing related to laptop, blogging, drawing, and so on.

If you have drawing hobby or anything about digital graphic then this Wacom Tablet is the best choice. You can do many thing out of your expectation by using this tablet. The features comes along this tablet are:
  • Smooth Surface pen tablet from Wacom best suited for design students and hobbyists (Active Area: 152 x 95 mm |6 inches x 3.74 inches )
  • Smooth and noiseless high quality touch sensitive tablet surface with 1024 pressure sensing battery free digital pen, Resolution is 100 lines/mm (2540 lpi) and Reading Speed (Pen) is 133 pps
  • Two short cut buttons on the digital pen (customizable)
  • Fits into your office tasks too - replace your PC mouse with a powerful Wacom digital pen for digital note taking, writing on documents, digital signature, handwriting e-mails and on photos and much more
  • From global leader in pen tablets and displays - Wacom Co Ltd. Japan

Some explanation regarding this tablet as follow:
Ergonomic Tablet With a Digital Pen
If you are looking for a decent tablet that allows you to handwrite on its screen, the Wacom CTL 471/K0-Cx Black Tablet could be an ideal option. This Wacom Intuos Pen Tablet is elegantly slim and comes in a matte black colour body. It features an extremely smooth, noise-free and touch-sensitive display and comes to you with a Digital Pen. This Digital Pen is easy-to-hold, ergonomically-designed and pressure-responsive. It is also performance-oriented and user-friendly with 133 pps as its reading speed and two customizable short cut keys on its surface.
Great For Artists
You can connect your PC with this Wacom Intuous Pen Tablet and work with the Digital Pen in a number of innovatively different ways. When you move the Pen Point on tablet screen, you can view the changes on your computer monitor, simultaneously. You can draw, sketch, edit, paint, fill colours and make ambience-related effects on your pictures. Further, you can also make e-notes, add new patterns to your work, handwrite docs and indulge in much more, as the Pen Tablet comes to you with its highly intuitive touchscreen.
Brilliant Display
The screen dimensions of Intuos Pen Tablet are 152x95 mm/6x3.74 inches. Also, the active writable area on its screen is wide thus giving your creativity an extensive landscape. Moreover, your art and docs are displayed in brilliant clarity, depth and details owing to its very high-resolution at 100 lines/mm or 2540 lines per inch.
Compatible with Many Devices
You can share your edited pictures and docs with your friends as this Wacom Intuos Pen Tablet supports with USB cable. Connect the Pen Tablet with other compatible audio-visual devices, like, TV, laptop, Smartphone etc. and explore its true potential. It is also capacitated with Intel processor and Windows operating system. Light-weight at just 240 gm, you can as well carry it in a small bag anywhere you go. And, as art and craft are wonderful with this Intuos Pen Tablet, it’s ideal for design students and hobbyists. Further, you get replacement nibs for the Digital Pen along with the Pen Tablet set.