Review Alcatel POP4 10" After 4 Months of Use

Alcatel POP4 10" is the first tablet I purchased, mean this is the first time I am using tablet. Actually from few months back I want to make a review about this tablet, but due some reason I only able to make the review of this tablet now. Well...let start now.

This tablet was launched in India, because the market target is India. The tablet only available in I got the tablet by price Rs. 8,999.

1. Built

The tablet is only in black color. As mention in the title it have 10" FHD (Full HD) screen. In my opinion the built of the tablet is very weak. It is plastic material. So if the tablet is crash I am pretty sure it will directly full damage.

In the first time holding the tablet I can felt that the tablet body is very weak. Amazingly there was a small projection in the back of the tablet's body. This projection look like a pressure of the one part of the tablet's board, may be capacitor or something else.

Also in the 1/4 of the in the upper part of the tablet there is empty space that I can feel when I hold the tablet in the upper part (tablet in portrait position).

2. Screen

As said by the company that this tablet came with 10" FHD screen. I got this tablet by 1 screen defect.  There is one stuck pixel in the bottom, about 2 cm from the bottom frame (tablet in portrait position). Luckily there was not dead pixel. Several times I tried to do repair to this stuck pixel, but until now is unsuccessful. 

The screen brightness also less. So we use the tablet in daylight we need to increase the brightness, even while we use it to watch movie. 

Actually when I noticed this, I thought to took return warranty (it was having 10 days return warranty), but by some consideration I did not do it.

3. Storage

This tablet came with 2 Gb RAM and 16 GB storage capacity. But sadly the storage only support for extension by 32 Gb only. Actually for 2018 era, it very bad that the device only support for 32 Gb storage extension.

But once I tried to put 64 Gb microSD. In the UI it was detected as unsupported microSD. Then I tried to formatted it as internal storage and it was successful.

4. Battery

The battery is 5800 mAh. It stand last until 2 days if when I used it for reading only. When I used it for browsing it will last only 1 day. If it is used for game, may be will shorten the time. Because I don't like to play game, so I will not talk about that.

5. Performance  

The performance is good enough (according to me), only average. No heat problem if used in long duration use. We can set the sensitiveness of the screen. As common android devices, if the tablet used during charging, there will be more sensitiveness. 

There is to many bloatware application installed so it is consume more storage. There is no screenshot application to take screenshot. So it is difficult to take screenshot form this tablet, unless you install 3rd party application.

Sadly, after 1 month using it, this tablet suddenly shutting down itself. That day I thought the tablet was fully dead, because I tried many times to switch it on but never success.

Even I contacted the service center that I want to visit their shop for tablet repair because I hopeless. Luckily one night when I was browsing a video in youtube about how to repair tablet, I found the video about how to switch the tablet on if the tablet suddenly shutting down.

Then I tried that method in my tablet. Yes...that method worked. My tablet on again.

But after that many times my tablet having same problem. Suddenly shutting down with unknown causes. Luckily I able to fixed it with same method that I watched in youtube.

I will not take about speaker and camera. So here is the Pro and Cons of this tablet.


Cheap (I got it Rs. 8,999 - actual price is Rs. 10,999)
Wide screen
Full HD screen
Big battery capacity (actually average)
Ram 2 Gb
Good for reading and movie
Can used as laptop if you purchase the keyboard dock
Support 4G


Seller send the product without quality check
Storage only 16 Gb
Storage extension limited to 32 Gb
Camera only for accessories
Plastic body
Not solid body
No pen support
No screenshot application

Is this tablet worth to buy? You can decide yourself. :-)


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