Review JioFi 4G Hotspot JMR815 150 Mbps

JioFi JMR815
JioFi JMR815
Do you know about JioFi JMR815?
So it is the portable hotspot device from Jio with 4G connection. This device is very small, round shape and very light weight.

Actually I purchased this device for my friend because she needed good internet connection. So I suggested her to purchase JioFI JMR815 which was the newer Jio Hotspot that time.  I bought it from It was Rs.999, as well as today price.

I had a few days chances to test this device. I was very satisfy with the device. JioFi JMR815 came without Jio card. So it is simply just a portable Wi-Fi router. So let see one by one point about this portable Wi-Fi.

1. In the Box

The package of this device is very simple. With small box blue in color. Inside the box includes the router itself, battery, charger, and manual kit. It is very light also. The battery capacity is 3000 mAh.

2. Built

The built is quit good. It is round in shape. The body by plastic (as common product). So it is only available in black color. It is very easy to carry. You can place it in your pocket easily.


3. Performance

After few days testing the router, I can say that it is very-very good. Before I used it I charged it until the battery full capacity. Then I kept it on from evening until morning. There was no heat problem even though I used it for evening until mid night. As claimed by the company, it has 8 hour battery life.

It gave me good speed net connection. It reached 10 Mbps when I used it. Until now also it is still giving good net speed, as my friend told me.

4. Features

JioFi JMR815 have download speed 150 Mbps and upload speed 50 Mbps. As I said above it has 3000 mAh battery also it support 64 Gb memory. So you can put 64 Gb microsd inside the router. You can use the router as the data storage also.

By the help of this router even you will get 4G net connection in 3G mobile. You can share the net connection to up to 10 devices. By the 4G net connection you will easily get high quality video call and youtube streaming without any delay.

 JioFi JMR815

I made unboxing video of this JioFi JMR815. You can check it below.